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about Table manners 


(left to right): Owners: Oluf Lund, Bjarne Pedersen, Torben Hansen

At Table Manners we specialize in Danish design and craftsmanship. We manufacture the largest wood plank tables

in Denmark and our creativity is limitless!  

Table Manners uses only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood from the local area of Funen, Denmark,

ensuring high quality and environmental sustainability.  


Table Manners was conceived in 2015 by three craftsmen; Oluf Lund, Furniture Architect, Bjarne Serup Pedersen and

Torben Hansen with a common vision to create authentic and beautiful wood plank tables. We are located

in a former brickyard at Skovstrupvej 57, 5690 Tommerup, Denmark.


Oluf Lund is also co-owner of LOP Furniture, with his partner Eva Paarmann. You can view their unique furniture and crafts

at their workshop at Grambovej, 28, Tommerup. To learn more about LOP Furniture go to:

Danish “Royal Oak”


The History


In the 1840’s, during the reign of King Christian VIII of Denmark, the Danish fleet was destroyed in battle. In order

to rebuild the fleet, all available lands were ordered to be planted with oak trees.


180 years later, these oak trees are ready - but no longer necessary for the fleet! Table Manners was able to locate

and acquire these “Royal Oak” trees from an original 16 hectare plantation located on the Garden Isle of Funen.

Table Manners uses "Royal Oak" as well as other wood types in all our hand crafted furniture.

(left to right): Oluf Lund, Bjarne Pedersen, Torben Hansen

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